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5 Reasons to Visit Henkel Square in Round Top, Texas, host Jo Ann Ayers

Round Top, Texas has become an eclectic tourist town, primarily recognized as the host of the nationally renown bi-annual antique festival hosted in the spring and fall. However, as the regional population grows, so has the permanent retail and restaurant presence in the area. Realtor Jo Ann Ayers takes time out of her busy schedule to show viewers around Henkel Square, home to the Round Top Heritage Texas Country Property office.

Henkel Square Narration – Jo Ann Ayers.

When I first showed up in Round Top, Texas, to get married, I started working at Henkel Square. At that time it was a museum village, and all the building in Henkel Square were moved here by Mrs. Bybee because they represented the variety of indigenous architecture.

As the people moved in, some from Germany, and the then Czechoslovakia. She decorated the building to period, they had no electricity or plumbing.

After Mrs. Bybee died, the Masey’s purchased Henkel Square and built the beautiful Henkel Hall and put in the necessities of life; electricity and plumbing. They put in shops, let’s see what else do we have here?

There’s a restaurant which is a new structure. We do have some fantastic, fantastic shops. The Humble Donkey is a great new gallery with really fun art.

The Copper Shade tree is a prime example of a shop that carries the wares of any numbers of artisans. You’ll love it.

Looking around, I see Royers Pie Shop, so you can always get some coffee and pie. There’s Indian Creek they’ve got great home decor, so that’s a fun place, you’re not going to want to miss that.

So come on out, there’s gorgeous gorgeous things to see and something going on all the time, so I’d love to show you around. Thanks!